Clutch Magazine and Racialicious give WAYDH Some Love

Last week I was interviewed by Clutch’s Tami Winfrey Harris on WAYDH. What is fun about this particular article and time is that interviews are less about me and more on the book, which is exciting. Review copies are out, people are reading, and I’m interested in what people think.

Racialicious posted an excerpt from the book, a section where I talk about the survey results that I used to help me shape the book. Some are really funny, but as you see, the responses really shed light on what women are thinking about their place in their respective scenes.

I couldn’t help myself…..a few days ago I asked a friend of mine who has a review copy what he thought about the book. He mentioned that he could tell that I struggled with writing about personal subjects – not TOO personal, but it took me a few minutes to process that. This book is not just about the women whom I interviewed who are immersed in the metal, hardcore and punk scenes, but also about my struggles to comprehend my own place in the scene. I also struggled with issues of portraying women in the scene in a negative light, and my own insecurities about whether on an aesthetic level, whether I made the ‘cut’ in terms of acceptance. Anyway, I hope more interesting revelations come to light! Enjoy!

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