What Are You Doing Here?

A Black Woman's Life and Liberation in Heavy Metal

Challenging the White Gaze

Filmed in 2015, Challenging the White Gaze is video discussion between black women musicians, journalists, visual and performing artists involved in alternative music and culture. After the release of What Are You Doing Here? A Black Woman’s Life and Liberation in Heavy Metal, I wanted to create a visual component to encourage black viewers who are struggling with their experiences, that a community exists. More importantly, this event is the first of hopefully many events where black women can talk openly about their experiences – both the good and the painful – they’ve had within the metal, hardcore and punk scenes. Check out the video is below.

Jennifer Cruté, Visual artist / graphic novelist
Militia Vox singer, Judas Priestess / solo artist
Ursula CP, Journalist / former editor, HearEvil.com
Ashley Denise MaGee, DJ Black Betty
Kali Holloway, Singer, Easy Lover
Dianca London Freelance music journalist
Cammy Simpson, Dancer
Christina Long, Founder, Blkgrlswurld.wordpress.com
Beatrice Demesier (Madame St. Beatrice), Singer

Off-camera: Harriet Vinson
Faith Pennick, filmmaker


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